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Generosity Creates Trusting Communities

Blog 7 of 8: Interviews with Businesswomen Julie Mason, Tracey Abell and Colleen Tarrant. Interviews, transcriptions and blogs by Sophie Tarrant.


Businesswomen Tracey Abell and Colleen Tarrant share how a generous attitude can lead to trusting relationships.
Tracey lives by a philosophy of generosity.

It doesn’t have to be generosity of money. I try to set aside a bit of money for charity each month. That’s my own personal choice. It’s more generosity of spirit. If you see someone struggling, help them. If someone’s not sure what to do in business, talk to them about what went wrong for you in business and give them some insight. Let them know that they’re not alone.
There’s so much that you can offer to other people in business and it helps to create this incredible network of trusting people who genuinely care about each other. Who share information and ideas. These people end up singing your praises and all you’ve done is be gentle and kind and taken some time to sit down and help them out with an issue. Sometimes they don’t realise they had the issue in the first place! A bit of conversation makes all the difference. If I could live by any mantra or concept it would be to have a generous spirit.

Colleen gives insight into why she loves connecting with positive businesspeople.

I have an inner circle of people I network with very deeply. What I like about all of them is that they’re genuine. They’re respectful. They do a great job. We have a high level of trust. And there’s great value in the relationship.

They really work hard and smart for where they want to go. They’re positive and they’re fun to be with. They support your business and you support theirs. I love that kind of relationship. That’s what makes it so much fun to be in business. Of course, in your customer base, you find those kind of relationships as well. I really like all my clients, and I love it that they have such respect for what I do and I have huge respect for what they do. You’ve got all those relationships swimming around in a business. And when it works, it puts you on such a high. It’s brilliant.

So remember to actively create your community of

caring business friends. Make time to help each other where you can. This might be by doing something as simple as having a coffee with them, listening and sharing experiences. If you’re not sure who to reach out to, keep networking until you find them! For networking tips, click here.

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Tracey Abell, DevelopMental Pty Ltd

Tracey Abell is General Manager of DevelopMental Pty Ltd. Established in 2009, the business specialises in project management training. Tracey has presented courses and conferences across Australia. For more information, click here:



Colleen Tarrant, IN8 Business Advisory

Colleen Tarrant is Director of IN8 Business Advisory. Based on a wealth of advisory experience, IN8 offers property investors and business owners effective ways to manage their taxes, risk and finances, for a brighter financial future and peace of mind. For more information, click here: and also

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