It’s not your fault – you don’t know what you don’t know!

As a small business owner, you could always do with more money in your business

Need grants and tenders for your business?

I was sitting at the hairdressers recently, a place usually reserved for light-hearted, less serious conversations about the goings-on around town, what the kids are doing and how business has been, and I found myself talking to Anna (not her real name) about what we do at Pinpoint Grants and Tenders.

If you’re not familiar with our work I was explaining how I had used 23 years experience as a public servant to build a business helping small and medium-sized businesses access the billions of dollars government’s spent each year on services and how we find money that business people don’t even know exists that could help them grow their business.

Anna was curious. She’s a small business owner. She could always do with more money in her business. What can I get? She unleashed the beast. I launched into all these areas where she could access subsidies, like subsidies for employing and training apprentices, for employing people over 45, or people with a disability or from an indigenous background. She seemed interested (or maybe she was stunned?), so I carried on sharing what I know…. she could apply for grants that governments and an every-increasing number of private sector companies, such as Aurizon and Coles, make available to not-for-profits, charities and private businesses to help them contribute in a positive way to the Australian communities in which they operate.

I must have gone on for about 20 minutes (luckily it was a colour and we had 45 minutes to kill) before her eyes glazed over and she simply said ‘I had no idea that any of this existed and I certainly had no idea that companies, like yours, existed’. To which I replied, ‘Don’t worry Anna, most people don’t. It’s not your fault because you don’t know what you don’t know”.

At that very moment a shard of light pierced the ceiling (not really but it sounds good) and I reaffirmed my mission, and that of my team:

  • to share information with SMEs about grant and tender opportunities;
  • to teach SMEs how to find opportunities that will help their businesses flourish and how to understand what governments are asking for (I swear they speak in another language!) so you can develop your solution and win, and
  • to help SMEs integrate some of those $billions government’s need to run our country into your revenue streams.

I leave you with my musings my contact details 1300 79 63 43 or and the following proverb that I found while doing research for this post.

He that knows not, and knows not that he knows not is a fool.
Shun him
He that knows not, and knows that he knows not is a pupil.
Teach him.
He that knows, and knows not that he knows is asleep.
Wake him.
He that knows, and knows that he knows is a teacher.
Follow him.
(Arabic proverb)

NEIGHBOUR R (1992) The Inner Apprentice London; Kluwer Academic Publishers. p.xvii

Need grants and tenders for your business?