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Partnership Approach to Tenders

I’m writing this off the back of a massive few weeks working with a key client to develop their response to a tender opportunity. As I sit back and reflect on what worked and what didn’t, I marvel at the wonderful work this client does and how much I now know about what they do compared to what I knew three years ago when I first started working with them.

In 2013, not long after I started my consulting business, a former colleague and friend of mine, let’s call him Bill, asked me if I had some time to come and work with one of his clients on a tender response. The organisation works in the aeromedical field and, even though I have a background in health and medical services, I was a bit concerned about how I could contribute when I knew nothing about planes or helicopters. Still, I said I would help and started working with Bill and his client. My role was to help them write a number of required plans as part of a tender response. I worked with their subject matter experts and the bid team to source content and develop these plans. We submitted that tender and that was that.

A few weeks later Bill calls me again. ‘Hey Brenda, want to help out my client with another tender?’ And so it began. First, it was three days a week for 6 months to help with back to back tenders. Then it was 3 months here, 2 weeks there, and over time I was the ‘go to’ person to bring in when they needed extra tender resources. And lo and behold I also started to become more knowledgeable about what the organisation does and how they go about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly no technical expert when it comes to aviation, clinical services and patient transport, but I do know some of the terms, aircraft type, clinicians and systems used to deliver services. And I ask a lot less questions than I did in 2013!


What’s the point of the story? Often when people call me up to talk about how to apply for a tender, they are thinking about a one-off service. That is, I provide a tender expert for a single tender and we all go on our merry way. But the real value to you, as the client, is to think about partnering with us to be your tender team – to be your ‘go to’ people for all things tenders, from finding a tender opportunity, to analysing and helping you make your ‘Go or No Go’ decision, to project managing the development of a quality, compliant tender response. The more we work with you, the faster and more knowledgeable we get. And the greater value for money you get.

Pinpoint Grants and Tenders specialises in helping businesses break into the government market, through tenders and grants. According to the Commonwealth Department of Finance, in 2014-15, 69,236 individual contracts were issued to the value of $59,447.0 million ($59Billion!) so the opportunity to become a subcontractor to the Commonwealth is massive. It was a bit harder to find out the value of Queensland Government’s contracts but because I am Inspector Morse I was able to find a copy of the Queensland Government’s Contracts Directory which publishes contracts issued for a value in excess of $10,000. An interrogation of the data showed that Queensland government issued 31,428 separate contracts to the value of $3,120 million ($3Billion).

There are so many opportunities to secure your future by contracting with government. Factor in changes to procurement process from the Red Tape commission, and targets to achieve more small businesses being awarded contracts, and it’s getting easier and simpler to compete for a contract with government.

If you’ve always thought about tendering for government work now is as good a time as any to take that leap. We are ready to be your partner in government funding so call me on 0421 424 090 to talk about what you need and we will tailor our service to fit your needs.


Brenda Stephens

Managing Director 

Need grants and tenders for your business?