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Blog 3 of 8: Interviews with Businesswomen Julie Mason, Tracey Abell and Colleen Tarrant. Interviews, transcriptions and blogs by Sophie Tarrant.


Take a deeper look into finding your niche with real life examples from business women who have made specialisation lead to success.

Tracey Abell, General Manager of DevelopMental, shares how she came to find her niche based on market research.


When we first registered, we registered for a dozen qualifications from Certificates of Business Management to Advanced Diplomas of Project Management. So we covered a whole lot of different areas. As the company grew and changed, we analysed who our clients were and found that 80 per cent of the business came from the project management field. In 2013, we streamlined the business and purely focussed on project management. So DevelopMental is a registered training organisation that offers programs only in the project management field.

Finding her niche led to successful results.

My business grew extremely rapidly so within a couple of years we went from one and a half staff to 14 staff spread all around Queensland.

Business Strategist Julie Mason speaks about her transition from a ‘generalist’ to a specialist.


Some of the challenges I’ve had over the time have been working out what it is makes me absolutely brilliant. One of the biggest things that changed my business enormously was going from a ‘generalist’ where I was teaching all different types of social media such as Facebook marketing and Pinterest marketing and LinkedIn marketing thrown in the mix as well, to becoming a specialist. And that really changed the game for me. A lot of people struggle with what their niche is and who they help. But essentially, if you can narrow down who your ideal client is (which is a challenge for a lot of businesses, mine included), and continually narrow that down and addressing the needs of those ideal clients, you should find success coming forward.

Tracey Abell and Julie Mason have both drastically improved their businesses by identifying their key skills, target market, and the area of speciality that brings these two elements together.

Consider these key questions to help you find your niche:

  • Who is your ideal client (consider aspects such as demographic, income, career, interests, etc)? What are their needs?
  • What makes you absolutely brilliant? What sort of business venture would allow you to most effectively share your gifts or key skills?

What Makes You Absolutely Brilliant?







Julie Mason, Social Media Princess

Julie Mason is a LinkedIn and Business Strategist. She will show you how to generate sales through LinkedIn using strategies that have helped her clients to drastically increase their revenue. For more information, click here:



Tracey Abell, DevelopMental Pty Ltd

Tracey Abell is General Manager of DevelopMental Pty Ltd. Established in 2009, the business specialises in project management training. Tracey has presented courses and conferences across Australia. For more information, click here:



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